Young men with flowers on their beards

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After the success of the article about the old Finnish people with things on their heads (amaze yourself here) it seems that men around the world are putting beautiful arrangements of flowers into their beards.

It’s hard to identify who started the trend, however, one of the pictures on the list dates back to 1977. This probably means that the idea was born even earlier than the Finnish famous pictures.

flower-beards-trend-1“My mom put these flowers in my dad’s beard in 1977″ Image credits: erial

flower-beards-trend-2Image credits: Carissa Gallo

flower-beards-trend-3Image credits: Cloe Ashton

flower-beards-trend-4Image credits: Peter Yankowsky

flower-beards-trend-5Image credits: Sarah Winward

flower-beards-trend-6Image credits: Elizabeth Eastman

flower-beards-trend-7Image credits: Madeleine Ball

flower-beards-trend-8Image credits: Beatriz Ortiz

flower-beards-trend-9 flower-beards-trend-10Image credits: Sanja Lydia Kulusic

flower-beards-trend-11Image credits: Ashley Thalman

flower-beards-trend-12Image credits: Ashley Thalman

flower-beards-trend-13Image credits: Ashley Thalman

flower-beards-trend-14Image credits: Victoria Vrublevska

flower-beards-trend-15Image credits: Will It Beard

flower-beards-trend-16Image credits: unknown

flower-beards-trend-17Image credits: Victoria Zeoli

flower-beards-trend-18Image credits: Shannon

flower-beards-trend-19Image credits: unknown


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