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You may know her from the headlines for a spoken word poetry video she directed in New York City, involving 18 women reading the lines from her poem, This is for the women who don’t give a fuck. The video has almost 420,000 views, while the poem, originally published by Elephant Journal, has been read over 1.9 million times.

Janne Robinson is a non-fiction poet, mentor, motivational speaker, director and trusted voice of female empowerment. Janne’s daily following of more than 100,000 + readers find her work refreshing and inspiring — even when the topic isn’t always polished or pretty.

I am one of her readers/followers (I first knew about her thanks to my friend Ana Dumbara), and a few days ago I stumbled upon what I consider one of her best writings: THE YIN. It has probably a lot to do with the moment I´m in, but I just think those words are special. It says as follows:

This is YIN.
I have a yin deficiency.

The yin is the feminine energy, the resting, being energy.

I facilitate a lot in my life and business and tend to be more in the yang–the doing, the organizing, the planning.

I struggle with just…being.

I got sick 4 days before my trip and have been sick the last 3 days in ST and it’s a good reminder for me to just pull the fucking breaks and chill out.

For 8 years I’ve traveled constantly and skipped winters, but we need winters. We need rest. We need an excuse to not go out and play–to stay inside in the white sheets and curl up till 10 am and not feel guilty.

This, is the yin.

We all need more of it.

- Janne Robinson

Get refreshed with some raw words on her website.

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