What if wild animals ate fast food?

posted on February 24th 2013 in Animation & Video with 0 Comments

As humans, we have some pretty nasty habits: we can’t grasp the concept of recycling, we are constantly at risk of being run over or driving off the road because we’re looking at our phones instead of looking at the road in front of us, and on top of all of it, fruits and vegetables rarely make a cameo in our fridges because they’re crammed with takeout. In summary, we’re just a mess. If it weren’t for these opposable thumbs I’m pretty sure we would have been taken out by the marsupials long ago.

So what if wild animals were to take on the human lifestyle — minus the thumbs? Produced for the 2013 Stuttgart Festival of Animated Film, “What If Wild Animals Ate Fast Food” depicts what life would be like if animals had access to the McDonald’s dollar menu. Makes you regret having that 45-pack of Mcnuggets last night doesn’t it?


Video credits: 2013 Stuttgart Festival of Animated Film.

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