These 23 Far Away Perspectives Of Famous Places Will Change The Way You See Them Forever

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Many of us only know the world’s most famous landmarks through images that show them in all their beautiful, historical glory. The world has changed since these structures were built, so the surrounding landscapes might not be what you’d expect.

The Pyramids of Giza1 2

The Acropolis3 4

The Arc de Triomphe5 6

Mona Lisa53438420PL016_Da_Vinci_Code 8

Stonehenge9 10

The Kaaba11 12

Central Park, New York City13 14

The Pantheon of Rome15 16

The Forbidden City17 18

Niagara Falls19 20

The Taj Mahal21 22

The Brandenburg Gate23 24

Mount Rushmore25 26

Mont St. Michel in France27 28

The Hollywood Sign29 30

Sagrada Familia31 32

Santorini33 34

Rock of Gibraltar35 36

Little Mermaid37 38

The Alamo39 40

Las Vegas Strip41 42

The White House43 44

Bonus: The Great Wall of China ends abruptly as soon as it reaches the ocean:45 46


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