The tortuous way to express what you are really thinking

posted on April 16th 2013 in Drawing & Illustration & Inspiration with 0 Comments

Expressing what you think in a language that is not your mother tongue creates sometimes leads to embarrassing situations. Sometimes, some words can lead to a completely different meaning to what you had in mind. This struggle between what one thinks and what one says is what the British language school wanted to communicate in a series of illustrated panels to promote English courses.

The illustration is by the Venezuelan Igor Bastidas under order of Y & R Peru. “The work process is the same as almost always follow: pencil, scanner and illustrator. The concept of Y & R and was to generate a story from a mispronounced word, “said Bastidas by email.


“At first it was something much simpler starting from sketches, and design evolved to what we see today. I only wanted to keep true to the concept language, that adds to the story from the color to the shape, always trying to do something iconographic. “

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Illustration credits: Igor Bastidas.

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