The street in Madrid where 150 cameras are watching you

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A street never had so many surveillance cameras pointed in one direction. This place has nothing special to do to deserve this attention. There is not a government building or a business center or a bank. It is a very normal street in the district of  Tetuan, in Madrid, where a few days ago were installed 150 cameras whose objectives aimed menacingly at anyone who passes by.

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The piece invites reflection about the daily interaction with technology and who is behind it. The cameras are just a symbol that represent it, but it is clear that we are surrounded by devices that act as tools of these surveillance methods, “explains SkY, the prolific artist who designed this urban intervention.

The creator from Madrid convinced the residents of the building to install these dummy cameras designed to let passersby with the question of whether they are real or not. “In the district there were mixed reactions, people who saw it as a way to decorate the facade, others reflected on the fact of repetition and most people wondered if they were on.”

We see wrapped newspaper, invaded, overshadowed by images and things that are not ordered, to meet art forms in the street seems to occur much relieved overcrowding. Not mean it is totally an attitude of rejection of the tax environment, but rather an invitation to reflect on the flood of images that shapes our landscape.“concludes SpY.

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