The impossible but real images of Philippe Ramette

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It may look like a photomontage, but in reality it isn’t. These are real images envisioned and portrayed by French artist Philippe Ramette, and photographed by his collaborator Marc Domage.
Phililppe Ramette is a French artist with a great technique and a singular style. His production is focused in what’s impossible graphically.  His photographs do not undergo any editing or assembly, as the artist seeks above all to keep in touch with his work as a sculptor. He creates improbable objects or situations, yet it is by no means absurd to illustrate the issue, but rather to build rationally an irrational image.

Ramette gets himself on stage in his black suit, he composes a picture of a landscape that will be part of so extravagant and visually stunning shot and it gets to be produced with the help of photographer Marc Domage. To get those breathtaking pictures, he uses different structures to hold himself.

Wondering how the illusion is created?

Top: These are two metal supports used to hold a man horizontally or in another position for Ramette’s visual illusions. Below: You can see how the metal support is placed on the tree to hold the artist.

You can see in this video the process to place one of his structures and himself for the moment of the picture:[youtube][/youtube]

You can see more of his artwork in the gallery Xippas or follow him on his Twitter.


Images credits: Philippe Ramette & Marc Domage.

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