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Everyday Objects Transformed into Playful Characters

posted on June 20th 2014 in Arts & Drawing & Inspiration & Sculpture with 0 Comments

If everywhere you look there are faces staring back, you’re not alone. For the past 10 years French artist Gilbert Legrand has been finding the hidden characters in everyday objects and revealing them with paint. His whimsical vision sees all sorts of household objects become things they were not: a coat hanger becomes a mouse sporting shoes; a paintbrush transforms into a teen with an attitude (and a wicked hairdo); and the blades of some scissors get amorous.

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Artist Creates Beautiful Art Using Nothing But Packing Tape

posted on December 24th 2013 in Arts & Inspiration & Photography & Sculpture with 0 Comments

Ukraine-born artist Mark Khaisman creates truly outstanding art using a really mundane material – brown packaging tape. By putting various layers of translucent tape onto Plexiglass and then cutting it into certain shapes, the artist remakes scenes from old Hollywood movies, art history, certain 20th century cultural icons or his own photographs.

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A glorious labyrinth of cellulite and wrinkles: 11 Sculptures Of Sagging Skin (NSFW)

posted on December 13th 2013 in Arts & Photography & Sculpture with 0 Comments

Warning: This post may contain images that are graphic to some.

Usually when we lay eyes on human flesh that doesn’t belong to ourselves, a loved one or a cohabitant of a gym locker room, the flesh is of the airbrushed variety, resembling the plastic that encases Barbie dolls or animated characters. Needless to say, it’s not quite the same texture that we notice hanging off ourselves before we hop in the shower.

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Allegorical proposals for living in a problematical age

posted on December 2nd 2013 in Arts & Inspiration & Sculpture with 0 Comments

Eva Kot’atková has described her work as starting from “my nearest environment, the basic-naturally-structured communities like household, family or school with their mechanisms, rituals and schemes of mutual dependencies“.

Kot’atková began her work as an artist creating sculpture and installations that are allegorical proposals for living in a problematical age. Her drawings and collages are blueprints for difficulties that must be surmounted in order to explore the limits of human relationships and behaviour.

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Elegy on Resistance

posted on October 17th 2013 in Arts & Inspiration & Sculpture with 0 Comments

At a glance, it looks like a regular cozy hoodie. But looks can be deceiving. Sydney-based artist Alex Seton creates these super-realistic sculptures of our everyday clothes – from cozy hooded sweatshirts to soft-looking t-shirts and sports costumes – from solid marble.

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Hyperrealist sculpture with Ron Mueck

posted on May 23rd 2013 in Arts & Inspiration & Sculpture with 0 Comments

Australian-born, London-based Ron Mueck is as enigmatic as his sculptures. From a distended baby, stuck to the wall crucifixion-style and bearing an unnervingly intelligent demeanor far beyond his age, to a smaller-than-life, sick old woman, who curls up in a fetal pose under a blanket, Mueck’s works command an uncanny ability to amaze with obsessive surface detail and intense psychic discharge. Engaging and wildly popular, they expose our need to validate our humanity, even as they thwart our attempts at full disclosure.

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