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This Middle-Aged Guy In A Pink Tutu Seemed Ridiculous. Then I Learned The Beautiful Reason For It.

posted on December 12th 2013 in Inspiration & Photography & Social with 1 Comments

“Why is that guy wearing a pink tutu?” The answer is, in equal parts, ridiculous and heartwarming. You see, this is Bob Carey. Bob’s wife has cancer. She was diagnosed with it in 2003 and The Tutu Project (as it’s now officially called) began as a way for Bob to express himself and make his wife smile. Then, it turned into something much bigger.

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Romanian immigrants and their magnificent mansions

posted on June 21st 2013 in Arts & Books & Documentary & Photography & Social with 0 Comments

Hey, British xenophobes: Ever wonder where all those Romanian immigrants who’ve been stealing your jobs have been spending your money? On the building of strange, gigantic mansions that no one lives in, and the planning of extravagant funerals back in their hometowns, apparently. Romanian photographer Petrut Calinescu hung out in the northern part of Romania for a while looking at how the culture of emigration has changed the landscape of traditional Romanian villages.

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The SCAR Project: Breast cancer is not a pink ribbon

posted on June 3rd 2013 in Documentary & Photography & Social with 4 Comments

David Jay has been shooting fashion and beauty professionally for over 15 years. His images have appeared in a multitude of international magazines and advertising campaigns. Like so many others personally touched by the disease, Jay was inspired to act when a dear friend was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 32. Like the subjects themselves, Jay’s stark, bold portraits challenge traditional perceptions of the disease and capture the raw beauty, strength and character of so many extraordinary young women. Each portrait represents a singular, stripped-down vision of the life-changing journey that unites them all.

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The Playhouses of our Grandparents

posted on January 28th 2013 in Books & Documentary & Photography with 0 Comments

Nicolas Henry‘s “The Playhouses of Our Grandparents” is a portrait of the older generation across the world, from France to Vanuatu via India, Brazil, Morocco, New Zealand and Sweden. For each portrait, some sort of shack or temporary shelter was constructed using the subject’s familiar possessions.

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Hana & her project of switching clothes

posted on October 29th 2012 in Photography with 2 Comments

What is a Switcheroo? If you check the dictionary the official definition is: a sudden unexpected variation or reversal often associated with a joke (sometimes “the old switcheroo”). It is often used colloquially to refer to an act of intentionally or unintentionally swapping two objects.

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People vs. Places or how to work with double exposures

posted on October 19th 2012 in Photography with 0 Comments

Photographers Timothy Burkhart and Stephanie Bassos have worked together to create this double exposure project. Both of them expose the same roll of film: one shoots people, the other one shoots places.

Since neither of them knows where or what the other has shot, there’s a big amount of pure chance into how each picture will come out. Even with that, sometimes the images manage to come together in some particularly spectacular ways.

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