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How UNICEF is using Pinterest

posted on January 23rd 2013 in Inspiration & Photography & Social with 0 Comments

For as long as humanity remains a visual race, people will always want to look and watch more than read.

This is the one fact that many brands and products have abused, misused and overused. This is also the one fact that many worthwhile causes and non-profit organizations have underused and never used.

Sites like Pinterest, Instagram and even Facebook have been snubbed and believed to be a place where materialistic desires are promoted and shared. And it is. Sign up and you will be flooded with photos of cars, clothes, accessories and toys.

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The Julie Project, by Darcy Padilla

posted on October 11th 2012 in Photography with 0 Comments

No words can summarize this photographed story. Darcy Padilla wanted to document one woman’s struggle, to live with poverty, AIDS and drugs and sexual abuses.

The project is not only pictures, but death certificates, cuts from the newspaper, and small paragraphs that moves you inside this terrible story of suffering.

Dancy is worried about the fact that after losing custody of all Julie‘s children, they will be adults someday, and if they ask about what happened to their mother she will be able to tell them her story.

If you have some free time move inside those dark moments. Simply sad.

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