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My first wheel-throwing pottery class. Expectations v.s. reality.

posted on October 7th 2019 in Arts & pottery with 0 Comments

If you’re like me and never touched a potter’s wheel before, expect a real learning experience. You will probably sign up to your first class because you’ve heard of how therapeutic it is, the feeling of doing something with your own hands in this digital world where we spend most of our time in front of screens, your mum has asked you to make her a vase for her flowers… So you sign up being sure you’re going to leave the class with at least a piece that you will be proud to put on your living room.

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Pottery for beginners. The basics: handbuilding.

posted on October 1st 2019 in Arts & pottery with 0 Comments

A clay stained hand of a potter engaging in a craft work of pottery or molding

As you may have heard, there are two main ways of working with clay. One is the great wheel-throwing technique (you can read my article for a step-by-step guide on how to wheel throw for beginners); but maybe more accessible to the wider public because it doesn’t require from any big investment is handbuilding. We will discover together in this article what handbuilding is, what tools are you likely to need, and some tricks to give your pieces a good finish.

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Pottery for beginners: the basics. Wheel-throwing.

posted on September 26th 2019 in Arts & pottery with 0 Comments

Woman throwing clay on an electric wheel

Have you ever watched someone work on a potter’s wheel, and found yourself captivated by the smooth vessel pulled up from a mound of clay? Are you curious about what it would be like to make your own wheel-thrown pottery? Some people wonder what wheel-thrown pottery is like for a beginner. Is it easy? Is it hard? Does it cost a lot of money to take a class? What should a newbie expect? I had all these questions too, that’s why I decided to enroll in the Potter-in-Training internship. I’m finding out some interesting things about this art, but today I will try to tell you the theory and steps I’ve learnt to throw a pot.

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Pottery for beginners: the basics. Tools.

posted on September 23rd 2019 in Arts & pottery with 0 Comments

Woman wheel throwing clay

There are many different methods of producing ceramics, but the main three options out there are handbuilding, casting in molds and wheel-throwing. Whether you want to be an all-around potter and master both or you just want to get a bit of knowledge about things you could explore, this is the list of tools that you may want to be familiar with.

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Pottery for beginners: the basics. Types of clay.

posted on September 16th 2019 in Arts & pottery with 0 Comments

Several white pots aligned on a wooden shelf

If you are new like me to pottery it can feel a bit intimidating, as there are so many tools and technical terms to get your head around. So I’ve decided to write about my journey learning pottery in case it can be useful for any other person out there starting with this craft.

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