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Everyday Objects Transformed into Playful Characters

posted on June 20th 2014 in Arts & Drawing & Inspiration & Sculpture with 0 Comments

If everywhere you look there are faces staring back, you’re not alone. For the past 10 years French artist Gilbert Legrand has been finding the hidden characters in everyday objects and revealing them with paint. His whimsical vision sees all sorts of household objects become things they were not: a coat hanger becomes a mouse sporting shoes; a paintbrush transforms into a teen with an attitude (and a wicked hairdo); and the blades of some scissors get amorous.

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Artist Creates Beautiful Art Using Nothing But Packing Tape

posted on December 24th 2013 in Arts & Inspiration & Photography & Sculpture with 0 Comments

Ukraine-born artist Mark Khaisman creates truly outstanding art using a really mundane material – brown packaging tape. By putting various layers of translucent tape onto Plexiglass and then cutting it into certain shapes, the artist remakes scenes from old Hollywood movies, art history, certain 20th century cultural icons or his own photographs.

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To paint or to eat? That is the question

posted on December 12th 2013 in Arts & Drawing & Inspiration with 0 Comments

Chocolates like a set of oil paints. Tubes in a box of paints contain a variety of colours, and these chocolates a variety of flavoured syrups. The labels indicate each chocolate’s flavour and also function as wrappers, keeping fingers clean for eating. A design that combines the childhood excitement of opening a new box of paints and the thrill of opening a box of chocolates you’ve been given unexpectedly.

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Ho Ryon Lee: the overlaping sensuality

posted on July 25th 2013 in Arts & Drawing & Illustration & Inspiration & Photography with 0 Comments

Pull up your skirt because I want to fall in love. No, do not get me wrong, it’s not your body, it’s the way you do it. You shed shy, your movements are fearful, your hands are clumsy but eager to run that piece of cloth that covers you and now you’re in the way. Quiet, do not let fear dominate your desires. You look down and hide your face and try to cover your sensuality that feels like hot steam on my face. Pull up your skirt, and I will fall in love.

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Mixing punk, vintage culture of the 30s, Victorian style & European barocco with Ciou

posted on November 26th 2012 in Drawing & Illustration with 0 Comments

Ciou, born in Toulouse in 1981, succeeded to gain a relevant place in the world of contemporary pop art and lowbrow at a very young age. Suspended between dream and nightmare, her paintings consist of a base made of a collage of old papers, taken from old medical books, dictionaries, and nature manuals, where she uses acrylic and ink, creating her own personal mixed media.

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