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Can you tell the relation between Sesame Street, OK Go and Basic Color Theory? I can.

posted on December 6th 2013 in Arts & Inspiration & Video & Videoclip with 0 Comments

Three Primary Colors, a new collaboration between OK Go and Sesame Street explaining the basics of color theory in stop-motion, is nothing short of awesome. In fact, it might just be the finest treat for budding designers since Geometry of Circles, the fantastic 1979 Sesame Street animation with original music by Philip Glass.

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When music stirs something inside you: Canadian aboriginal cello

posted on March 13th 2013 in Inspiration & Music with 0 Comments

It’s just few times in life that you listen a music that stirs something very deep and hidden inside you . This is one of those cases. It took me a while to discover who was the artist (I discovered her for the music of the CBC program 8th Fire), but take 3 minutes to listen to her music

Cris Derksen is a young half-cree (one of the largest groups of First Nations/Native Americans living in Canada) classically trained Canadian cellist whose captivating melodies and steadfast baselines have captured the attention of local and international audiences. She is a diverse musician, easily melding into hip-hop, rock, folk, country, or whatever type of music to bring an intense ball of musical passion to her work.

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“Baby I’m yours”: the perfect song to start a perfect day

posted on October 12th 2012 in Animation & Music & Video & Videoclip with 0 Comments

Breakbot (really named Thibaut Berland) is a French DJ and producer of electronic music.

In 2010 this video of his song “Baby I’m yours” (featuring Irfane) was one of the summer hits in MTV Pulse, France. It was also nominated in two categories by the UK Music Video Awards in October 2010: best performance in video pop/dance/urban and best animation video.

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