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The legend of the Guatemalan worry dolls / La leyenda de las muñecas quitapenas de Guatemala

posted on November 21st 2016 in Inspiration & Sculpture & Social & Travel with 0 Comments

Worry Dolls are tiny, hand-crafted dolls from Guatemala. The dolls are clothed in traditional Mayan costumes and stand one-half to one inch tall.

Guatemalan artisans bind pieces of wood together or twist together short lengths of wire to create a frame and fashion a torso, legs, arms, and head. By winding cloth and yarn around the frame, the artisans give the doll shape.

Los artesanos guatemaltecos juntan piezas de madera o metal y les dan forma para crear la estructura de una especie de torso, piernas, brazos y cabeza. Atando lana y tejido alrededor de esta estructura, le dan forma a la muñeca.

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