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Condemned: Mental Health in African Countries in Crisis

posted on February 14th 2013 in Photography & Social with 0 Comments

Abandoned by governments, forgotten by the aid community, neglected and abused by entire societies: A voiceless minority resigned to the dark forgotten corners of churches, chained to rusted hospital beds, living out their lives behind the bars of filthy prisons. Lives condemned to quiet misery.

These are the mentally disabled living in Africa’s regions in crisis, countries ravaged by war, gripped by famine, or led by corrupt regimes. And we can take a look through Robin Hammond‘s lenses of his camera, winner of the FotoEvidence Book Award 2013.

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2013 Oscar Nominees

posted on January 10th 2013 in Cinema with 0 Comments

So here they are! The 2013 nominees for the Oscar Awards!

Do you want to take a look? Maybe you’ll have a surprise with some of the movies.

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World’s best father, by Dave Engledow

posted on October 26th 2012 in Photography with 1 Comments

Dave Engledow is creating an unconventional scrapbook for his daughter, Alice Bee. When the little girl — now a toddler — grows up she’ll have a complete photographic record of herself in highly precarious situations. But most likely, the images will bring up memories that are sweet, not scary — because Alice stars in “World’s Best Father“, a tongue-in-cheek photo series meant to poke fun at the type of father Engledow does not want to be.

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