Swedish photographer Paul Hansen won the World Press Photo 2012

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Photographer shows the desperation of two men with two separate bodies of children in their arms. The award celebrates its 56th edition as the most important of its kind.

Swedish photographer Paul Hansen has won the 56th edition of the World Press Photo, for 2012, with an image of Gaza. The image shows the desperation of two Palestinian men carrying the body of two very small children wrapped in white sheets. The award is the most important of its kind in the world, and the jury had been impressed by the way that Hansen has managed to capture this tragedy:

“It’s all there, the here pain and anger, despair and loss. The strength of the picture lies in the contrast with the innocence of children. Not to be forgotten, “said Mayu Mohanna, Peruvian member of the jury.

Hansen, who works for the Swedish daily Dagens Nyheter, said that the men carried the children on the streets of Gaza to the mosque. The body of the father follows behind, on a stretcher, and also wrapped in white cloth. The boys, Suhaib Hijzi and his brother, Mohamed, had two and three years and died in the bombing that destroyed his home. The missile that blew the building came from the Israeli army.


Image credits: Paul Hansen.

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