Riding my donkey to the Valley of the Kings

posted on May 22nd 2015 in Travel with 0 Comments

The picture that you see is pretty much my view this morning on my way to the Valley of the Kings, in Luxor. After crossing the Nile by motorboat to get to the West Bank a donkey (which I liked to call my Fiat Punto as it was one of the slowest ones) took me through the farmlands to the valley.

After leaving the donkey we took a boxcar (popular way of transport here) to get to the main entrance.

With the general ticket you can choose three tombs to visit. In my case, I went to visit Ramses IX and other two that I cannot remember the name now. The tombs are excavated deep in the mountain and the colour of the paintings are very well preserved.

After the Valley I went to so far, one of my favourite places in Egypt: the Temple here of Hutshepsut the queen. It is a three floors terraced temple built directly on the limestone rocks and once you get to the top of it you feel the queen of Egypt. It is quite impressing view.

We also went by boxcar to see the Colossus of Mnemus (not sure about the spelling though) to discover that the pigeons have made it their house and have nested all over it.

The heat is starting to affect our bodies so I went for a well deserved siesta in the hotel and in a while I will be getting an overnight train to bring me back to Cairo. It will take around 10 hours and I will spend a couple of days there. I have seen the most important places of the capital but I am sure I will find new interesting spots to discover.

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