“Reportero”: or how to survive in Mexico doing journalism about drug traffic

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Thanks to the collaboration between  Internazionale, weekly journal that publish the best articles of journalists all over the world and founded in 1993 and Palazzo delle Esposizioni I yesterday assisted to “Internazionale in Rome: documentaries about information, international actuality and human rights” hosted under the Journalism Festival of Ferrara.

What you’ll find above all in this documentaries festival is the risk: the risk of working as journalism or having information in countries with censorship or dominated by violence or corruption.

In “Reportero“, a Mexican documentary directed by Bernardo Ruiz in 2012, the reporters of the weekly journal “Zeta” risk their lives by publishing in the front page of their journal drug dealers and corrupted politicians.

This is happening in Tijuana, a Mexican city in the border with U.S.A., where this journal founded in 1980 has suffered several attacks from the drug cartel and some of its journalists have lost their lives in the exercise of their profession.

Since 2006, when the ex-president Felipe Calderón did a campaign against the drug cartel, in Mexico the drug traffic has not been reduced, but also the journalists are being murdered or disappeared when they publish about these things.


Image credits: poster of the documentary “Reportero”, by Bernardo Ruiz (2012).

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