Recipes by color, a creative way to cook

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The recipe is a very old format. Beyond improving in terms of accuracy or clarity, not too much has changed since immemorial times. However, in recent times some stoves illustrators or designers try to find new ways to tell a paper plate, getting us out of the routine of the photo, the ingredients and preparation.

One proposal within this trend are the signs of designer Laura Valero. In her series “Recipes by color”, the designer portrays eight classic Spanish cuisine dishes with techniques of computer graphics. The approximate quantities of tomatoes, broth or milk for gazpacho, paella or croquettes are shaped on colored disk, graphics and inverted pyramids with the shapes of the plates themselves.

“I moved to another flat and I decorated my kitchen to place the dishes that I like, but in a way that would appeal to me,” here recalls Valero.



Co-Director of the Department of Graphics and Computer Graphics of a television producer, this 31 years woman from Barcelona doesn’t think her way of presenting the recipes can discover something new about them.

“They are a diversion. Having no exact measurements of ingredients, you have no choice but to improvise.”

Laura, who sells her posters of Recipes by Colors for 30 euros on its website.






Illustrations credits: Laura Valero.

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