Williams Esports – UX + UI

developed for Williams F1

In May 2018 Williams launched an official Esports team to compete in a range of online sim racing competitions. This gave Williams an opportunity to compete in a burgeoning industry, providing both new and existing fans with opportunities to engage with the team in a diverse and accessible arena.

As the Williams Esports roster grew and started to win more and more competitions we felt the need to create a dedicated site for this branch of Williams, in which any user could discover which drivers are part of the team, in which competitions the team participates, which games and series to follow, as well as a window to showcase the partnerships the team is gaining among other brands in the industry.

The scope of the project involved a full UX + UI process, from understanding the requirements from the different stakeholders and analising competitors, researching the latest UI trends, doing some UX research in order to determine the user profile (as it was going to be different from the rest of the Williams businesses units), drawing sketches and wireframes,creating prototypes (medium and high fidelity), designing images and defining guidelines, creating pixel perfect designs and providing all assets to developers via Zeplin. Once first test was deployed run some debugging and iterating for UX improvement.

This project has been undertaken during my professional employment at Williams F1.

  • Client - Williams F1
  • Date Completed - January 2019
  • Skills/Tools Used - Adobe XD, Zeplin, Photoshop, Illustrator
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