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TripAdvisor – UX/UI Suspension feature dashboard

developed for TripAdvisor

The aim of this project was to provide a better traveler post-purchase experience. The target users were suppliers of products published on TripAdvisor Experiences who cancel too many products, affecting traveler’s experience.

I designed several flows allowing suspension, reactivation and setting a product in probation depending on certain rules. Everything was designed to be self-managed from the user dashboard.

The UI included creating a performance summary page, an alert card with a summary of the products that need attention, a cancellation rate page, custom dials and color codes for the different statuses of the products and several error and info modals to acknowledge for the different flows users could go.

This project has been undertaken during my professional employment at TripAdvisor.

  • Client - TripAdvisor
  • Date Completed - September 2019
  • Skills/Tools Used - Sketch, Illustrator, Invision