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TripAdvisor – UX/UI Onboarding screens

developed for TripAdvisor

With the launch of TripAdvisor Experiences New Supplier Platform and the growth in number of suppliers, there was a need to onboard new suppliers in the newly designed platform they use to manage their products.

The target audience of the project was new suppliers, and the main goal was to show some of the features suppliers can access and manage in their dashboard.

We did some user research in order to understand what are the features suppliers use and value the most, so we highlight those in the walk-through screens.
We also iterated on the designs after trialing with a more friendly-illustration style to learn users preferred mock-ups of what they will be presented later on in the dashboard.

This project has been undertaken during my professional employment at TripAdvisor.

  • Client - TripAdvisor
  • Date Completed - July 2019
  • Skills/Tools Used - Sketch, Invision, Illustrator
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