TripAdvisor – UX/UI Business Advantage programme

developed for TripAdvisor

The Business Advantage for Experiences project was designed to help elevate the supplier’s brand on TripAdvisor by offering premium features for their TripAdvisor Listing page.

I was involved in all the design aspects of the project, from initial ideas to final release. I started creating some wireframes with different layout options that were put to test with suppliers to do some research on their preferred way to digest the information. Once we got some results on that I further iterated on the designs, adapting the lander sales page to the target of users we decided the product was for and using UX research and findings I adapted the layout to meet our goals.

The sales page was a responsive design so it was optimised for desktop and mobile. It featured 3 main sections: hero image and message with CTA to sign up, the pricing table with the two pricing options, and the explanation of the main features with mockups for each of them.

Once the designs for the landers were ready I collaborated with the software engineer to handover the styles and guidelines and QA’d the beta tests.

At the same time, I worked on the CRM email campaign that was sent to users informing them of this new feature. This involved the creation of the email, design of the hero illustration in branded color palette and style and the collaboration with the CRM team in order to make sure we had all the pages created so users could sign up from the email.

This project has been undertaken during my professional employment at TripAdvisor.

  • Client - TripAdvisor
  • Date Completed - December 2019
  • Skills/Tools Used - Illustrator, Photoshop, Sketch, Invision
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