Women T-Shirt design
El Segundo office team
Oxford office team
Stickers for all participants
Posters to promote the hackathon in the different offices
Needham office team
Men T-Shirt design
Tote bag design
Lisbon office team
Stickers for the winners

TripAdvisor – Hackathon 2019

developed for TripAdvisor

In order to celebrate TripAdvisor 2019’s Hackathon I was tasked to design the visual identity of this year’s event and create a series of materials around it supporting the different happenings.

The main task was to design the art for the T-shirt, which resembles a mother board in which all the participating offices (London, Oxford, Lisbon, New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Boston and Headquarters in Needham) appear represented by one of the most iconic landmarks of those cities.

The typography used is a very modern style font called Dual, which has an amazing set of glyphs to custom your lettering.

In addition to the T-shirt design, I also created some collateral materials like stickers for all participants, stickers for the winners, trophies, pint glasses, banners, posters and email campaigns.

This project has been undertaken during my professional employment at TripAdvisor.

  • Client - TripAdvisor
  • Date Completed - June 2019
  • Skills/Tools Used - Illustrator, Photoshop