developed for Personal project

Tomorrow you can see your city with different eyes. Try not just to play on it, but play with it. The streets you walk through and the buildings you see everyday can be transformed into elements of a game.

Project developed during my time living in Arad, Romania. After months realising the municipality was not helping the people living there to feel love for their city, not improving services, having very bad road conditions, poor street lighting, decadent buildings… I decided to take part and make this action video where I invited the people of Arad to see their city with new eyes. At the end of the day, even if you live in a place that is not great, you can think differently and give it a twist, making every walk in your city different.

I hanged up posters and flyers in the city to invite people to watch the video uploaded in YouTube and the response was very interesting.

  • Client - Personal project
  • Date Completed - 2010