Japan. An illustrated map

developed for Personal project

New Year, new travel plans! As the cherry blossom season approaches, it’s time to get the itinerary ready for spring.

The map has been designed on Illustrator, showcasing a mix of Japanese elements: temples, food, culture… It has been placed over a very light Japanese-style background in a try to keep it clean and minimal. The use of colours is to highlight the red and white of the Japanese flag, with other pale colours that remind of the Hanami (cherry blossom).

The typography is also used to make the viewer travel to Japan. The title is in the modern Odachi font, a brush style font with an antique Japanese feel; the itinerary and subtitle are in Orkney, another sleek and elegant modern font with clean lines and neat corners, aligning to that Japanese minimalistic feeling.

  • Client - Personal project
  • Date Completed - January 2019
  • Skills/Tools Used - Illustrator