TripAdvisor – UX/UI Onboarding screens

posted on November 26th 2019 in with 0 Comments

With the launch of TripAdvisor Experiences New Supplier Platform and the growth in number of suppliers, there was a need to onboard new suppliers in the newly designed platform they use to manage their products.

The target audience of the project was new suppliers, and the main goal was to show some of the features suppliers can access and manage in their dashboard.

We did some user research in order to understand what are the features suppliers use and value the most, so we highlight those in the walk-through screens.
We also iterated on the designs after trialing with a more friendly-illustration style to learn users preferred mock-ups of what they will be presented later on in the dashboard.

This project has been undertaken during my professional employment at TripAdvisor.

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Williams Esports – UX + UI

posted on January 22nd 2019 in with 0 Comments

In May 2018 Williams launched an official Esports team to compete in a range of online sim racing competitions. This gave Williams an opportunity to compete in a burgeoning industry, providing both new and existing fans with opportunities to engage with the team in a diverse and accessible arena.

As the Williams Esports roster grew and started to win more and more competitions we felt the need to create a dedicated site for this branch of Williams, in which any user could discover which drivers are part of the team, in which competitions the team participates, which games and series to follow, as well as a window to showcase the partnerships the team is gaining among other brands in the industry.

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Paso Noroeste – Revamp UX/UI

posted on September 21st 2018 in with 0 Comments

A take on a new design of UX and UI for the travel agency I collaborate with: Paso Noroeste.

Respecting their colour palette but making it stronger, solving user flows, listings, usability and general UI.

Landing page created for the moment but more to come 😉

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Williams Advanced Engineering web uplift UX/UI

posted on September 20th 2018 in with 0 Comments

With the Advanced Engineering business within the Williams group growing so fast, there was the need to uplift the website to showcase more of the work they do and highlight some business case studies to drive new revenue.

Full UX/UI Design process, from understanding requirements and analising competitors, researching the latest UX trends and software, drawing sketches and wireframes, designing images, creating prototypes and defining guidelines, implementing usability and performing usability testing, to pixel perfect design.

This project has been undertaken during my professional employment at Williams F1.

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Williams F1 email campaigns design

posted on March 31st 2017 in with 0 Comments

This project was to design and code several HTML e-newsletters to be sent to partners, guests or VIPs, containing information about coming events, the 40 Years of Williams anniversary, or commercial campaigns.

This project has been undertaken during my professional employment in 2015/2017 at Williams F1.

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Seeds Iceland – web design

posted on January 3rd 2016 in with 0 Comments

Redesign of Seeds Iceland website and creation of responsive design.

Seeds Iceland is an Icelandic non-governmental, non-profit  volunteer organisation designed to promote intercultural understanding, environmental protection and awareness through work on environmental, social and cultural projects within Iceland.

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posted on February 27th 2014 in with 0 Comments

Geocentered is a series of geometry-based illustrations.

They are influenced by time-lapse and stop-motion projects, in a try to explore how with simple geometric shapes the illusion of movement can be created.

This project is on-going.

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Icon illustration

posted on August 21st 2013 in with 0 Comments is an international sports community formed by sport lovers and traveling enthusiasts, who want to keep practicing sports away from home as well as locally.

I worked for CentralPitch for the creation of the sport icons appearing on the site: illustration of each sport and creation of the sprite for web development.

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