Pictograms, music, films & graphic design = Viktor Hertz

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In some parts of the world the concept graphic design is seen as a lot of elements interacting in an orderly and harmonious space, accompanied by a powerful and colorful text,’cause in many cases that’s what customers want. And for some customers it’s difficult to  understand that a clean, timely, direct and synthetic design can be better. This doesn’t mean that would be cheaper, it might be even more expensive ’cause achieving intelligent and convincing synthesis is not easy. This will end in a graphic design not charged for the amount of color used or the number of letters that are part of the notice, but for the conceptualization and ingenuity in the design of a graphic piece.

And if we’re talking about synthesis and ingenuity, the Swedish designer Viktor Hertz is an excellent reference and whose portfolio is full of pictograms with which solves posters in homage to works of music and film. This artist was born in 1983 and has worked for clients in the United States, Brazil, Italy and Sweden. His work has won several international awards.

Viktor Hertz is not afraid to say that he’s not a great drawer, in fact this “lack” of skills has made him seek alternative routes and, where appropriate, direct them to communicate his ideas, even some of his works are reinventions of images positioned , to which gives them a conceptual shift that leads to the surprise and admiration of the reader.

On his website you will find many series inspired on works and titles of famous songs and movies, all the art equipment recommended, especially for those who always look for the “say something” with their work.

Do not hesitate to visit his portolio here to see some of his series and art work.


Images credits: Viktor Hertz.

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