The obscure fairy tale world of toy dolls, by Mijn Schatje

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Marie Blanco Hendrickx, artistically known as Mijn Schatje, is a romantic and disturbing French artist, half Spanish and half Dutch from her parents. Despite being under thirty, she is one of the undisputed icons of our time. She is one of the exceptionally few female artists to use digital illustration programmes as her main creative tool. Her little girls are masterpieces of innocence and malice, inhabiting a obscure fairy-tale world which is both mysterious and downright disturbing. Mijn Schatje has made herself famous by crossing the boarders between the reassuring warmth of a teenager’s bedroom and the dark seas of adulthood, becoming famous not only in the field of illustrations but hyper-contemporary fashion too.

Mijn Schatje‘s work has been described as “romantic and surreal”. She has been quoted and appeared in a host of publications including those of Taschen, Dazed & Confused and Rizzoli. She has designed a lines of clothing for Fornariana and several LP and CD covers for French electronic groups. She has exhibited in France and the United States and taken part in group exhibitions at the Museum of Naples and Spoleto’s Carandente museum. She lives and works in Paris near the Ile-de-la-Cité.

Her success has awaked polemic because it’s said what she does is simply copy some other artists and that her technic is simply tracing photographies of doll toys (thing that can be very debatable). What it’s evident is that she’s been influenced and admires the work of Mark Ryden, from who she takes not only his color and drawing but also some of his concept-creating way of expression.

You can see in this video the creation of one of her illustrations:


You can follow Mijn Schatje in her official website, in MySpace and Tumblr.


Images & video credits: Mijn Schatje.


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