Monkey Light Pro transforms your bike into a moving light show

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MonkeyLectric might have just created the coolest show on two wheels with the Monkey Light Pro, which will, above all else, definitely ensure that drivers see you riding your bicycle at night.

It’s a carefully engineered set of LED lights that creates a persistent image on your bike’s wheels as you pedal around town. We’re not talking rave-like electric lights going everywhere, either – the Monkey Light Pro is actually capable of producing images like a Space Invader, Nyan Cat, a stop sign – it’s all up to you, actually, because the Monkey Light Pro comes with setup software that allows you to create your own custom designs to display, although it does come with some pre-loaded designs to choose from.


The Monkey Light Pro is made up of four bars of LED lights (256 lights total) attached to a central hub. It’s mostly made of rubber, so it’s lightweight, but also durable and waterproof. The whole thing attaches onto the spokes of the wheel securely, and features a 2-axis accelerometer and four magnetic sensors. Those magnetic sensors gauge speed, position, and rotation (so you can lift up your bike vertically and still show off your design), and are there to make sure the image is stable regardless of those factors. In fact, the image can stay stable up to 40 miles per hour, and if you’re going over 40 miles per hour on your bicycle, you either have an electric bike or you need to lay off the juice.


There are already a few especially clever uses of the Money Light Pro, most notably in Fukushima, Japan, where someone rigged a radiation detector to a bicycle, then connected that to the Monkey Light Pro, using the LED lights on the bicycle wheel to display the radiation levels of that area. There are also special designs that use separate images for both wheels, and both moving and static images. The image can even be made to change along with changes in speed. And, yes, if it catches on, you know it’ll be used for ads. But, hey, if you can make a little extra coin peddling while pedaling, why not?

Monkey Light Pro gives off crisp, clear images, but it is a little costly. Currently, on their Kickstarter, it’ll take $695 to get one for one wheel, and $1,390 to get a set of two. Those are both early bird specials that might run out in the near future, though. Chipping in $2,290 will get you a two wheel set pre-installed on a Linus bicycle, if you’re not a fan of the idea of installing the things yourself.

Check out the official website: MonkeyLectric.

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