Japan: Life after Zero Hour

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Mastodon is a collaborative project between two notorious photographers: Massimo Mastrorillo (massimomastrorillo.com) and Donald Weber (donaldweber.com) and the participation of the writer Larry Frolick.

In an age of overt “authorship,” where the ubiquity of the internet has allowed the image of the artist to come to the forefront, Mastodon is an attempt to drive the uniqueness of collaboration, to bring to the forefront the photographs rather then the personalities. Together, their interest in creating socially engaging work through new avenues has led to “Life After Zero Hour”, a project about Japan as the setting for the end of the Future.

We see the coming end of the idea that the ground will stay ground, that the sky will be blue again tomorrow and not yellow or purple, and that life will go on, not fly off to some twilight Oz. We see that the Japanese have lived in a different place than the rest of us for a long time now; that they had, through a unique series of local disasters, experienced the drowning of their island world for sixty years when the tsunami flooded it once again on March, 2011. We see what the new flood creates in its wake. What the flood creates is the rubble of non-meaning.

The shore of a new landscape empty of promise and full of squandered hope.


MASTODON is distributed by VII photo (VIIPhoto)

To read more about the project, here you can find the Project Statement of Life After Zero Hour, writen by Larry Frolick.


If you want to assist to the opening of the photo exhibition tomorrow in Rome you can find below the invitation:

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