Into the arctic

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The Arctic is under pressure from oil companies seeking to exploit its fossil resources. They see the melting of the sea ice, not as a warning, but as a business opportunity. Take a journey into the arctic and explore for yourself its natural wonders, the threat of the encroaching oil industry, and follow the struggle to save the Arctic.

Greeenpeace has asked the guys of Hello Monday to create this impressive website, “Into the Arctic“, to warn us about the situation the Arctic is currently living debt in big part to oil companies. The eloquent voiceover, the soundrack, accompanied by spectacular images, awakes our interest and invites us to action, unless we want to see the Arctic disappear in a few years’ time.

files_HM_Into_The_Arctic_02The site revolves around a map of the arctic region. The map provides a visual context for the expedition journeys and the log-book-style side panels provides in depth editorial content.

files_HM_Into_The_Arctic_05The site is built using Javascript, HTML5, CSS3D, TweenMax (by greensock), and has a light weight custom built CMS for easy and continuous updating.


Check out the website: http://intothearctic.gp/

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