Instagram camera will become true with Polaroid!

posted on March 6th 2013 in Photography with 0 Comments

Socialmatic has finally announced a branding deal for an instant digital camera, which is due to be launched next year.

Socialmatic has announced a branding deal with authorized Polaroid licensee C&A for an instant digital camera that can add filters to images and print them out. When we first wrote about this real-life Instagram camera, it was still in the very early concept stage, but now it is a step closer to production.

The camera’s design, details and specs are still in development and will be released in the next few months. The product, which will be distributed and produced by C&A Marketing (a noted leader in the camera accessory business), has a planned launch in 2014.


Mashable reports that it dispenses photos from a built-in Zink printer and includes a custom operating system that syncs to Instagram and Facebook apps. Antonio De Rosa, CEO of Socialmatic, said:

We are so proud to work together with C&A and Polaroid, giants of digital photography. It’s been a long and difficult negotiation but we were strongly motivated to reach an agreement to create a small revolution in digital photography. This mix of Hardware and Software, together with our brand new photo social network will fill the gap between virtuality and reality.

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