Ho Ryon Lee: the overlaping sensuality

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Pull up your skirt because I want to fall in love. No, do not get me wrong, it’s not your body, it’s the way you do it. You shed shy, your movements are fearful, your hands are clumsy but eager to run that piece of cloth that covers you and now you’re in the way. Quiet, do not let fear dominate your desires. You look down and hide your face and try to cover your sensuality that feels like hot steam on my face. Pull up your skirt, and I will fall in love.

ho-ryon-lee-overlapping-skirt-flirts-06Ho Ryon Lee is a South Korean artist whose art emerges from overlapping images. The artist’s work moves between photography and painting, as his mounts of sensual seductive flirty skirts women are born from the digital manipulation of photographs which are then painted in oil on a white canvas.


The series is titled Overlapping Images and the mix of techniques is what characterizes the work of this artist who begins by selecting their models, takes pictures in various poses showing her sensual side, and later in Photoshop overlays the photographs playing with poses and movements until he finally makes this superposition of paints realistic images.

The level of detail that Lee manages to turn in his work suggests that they are still photographs but with double exposure effect. The striking images are a product of the artist’s skills who fools the eye by adding layers that simulate the movement of the same. Two moments, seemingly opposite, are seen in the same painting. A simple stretch of limb, the touch of the hand on a body part or action as common as reading a book together with the sensuality that means showing a female leg, the buttocks uncovered or up detail skirt allowing to see the body of a woman who hides her face but shows provocative playing with the desire and intention.


The next time you observe an image of Ho Ryon Lee  do not close your eyes nor think you’re seeing double as a result of last night’s drinks stand still, you could be seeing an art that tricks but mostly, seduces.

Ho Ryon Lee has been awarded in the Seoul Fine Art Award in 2006 and the Korean Fine Art Award in 2005 and 2006.

Photo credits: Ryon Lee.

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