Getting my hands inked with screen printing!

posted on March 21st 2015 in Arts with 0 Comments

If you know how to spread butter on a toast you know how to screen print. Today I assisted to a workshop leaded by Miesje Chafer, and I discovered how easy it really is to create a piece artwork on fabric that looks epic (as my friend Laura says).

Screen printing is a very direct method of printing, something that can be DIY. You will need though some basic supplies: a screen (the toast), a squeegee (the knife), and ink (the butter). You will also need to make a film positive (or you can always stick cut shapes to the screen to cover the holes or use photo emulsion).

The results are instantaneous and it is very fun (or frustrating) how the ink and the screen can sometimes decide for you the final result.

But what I found more important to make a stunning artwork is a great piece of illustration or pattern. The rest is easy!

And if screen printing is not for you, you can always stencil the ink over hand cut shapes or patterns and the result will be equally good.


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