Erasing the gravity through photography, with Nicolas Boutruche

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Born in the last century, Nicolas Boutruche was soon attracted by the power of the images.

He begins by drawing but stopped quickly to take college courses in film, work in pubs… but over all he shoots pictures.


Self-portrait, by Nicolas Boutruche.


About his series of pictures called “Photos Apesanteur“, he writes:

<<Un jour la Terre a tourné plus vite, beaucoup beaucoup beaucoup plus vite, si vite que la force centrifuge a annulé toute pesanteur.>> (One day the Earth turned faster, much much much faster, so fast that the centrifugal force has canceled all gravity.)

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He’s able to create a special atmosphere in his pictures. Do not hesitate to take a look to his works in his website.


Images credits: Nicolas Boutruche.

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