Hyperrealistic drawing: a pencil imitating photography

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I still cannot believe it. Who would say these amazing pictures are drawings and not photographies? It is simply out of this world. Do you want to meet their author? Enjoy this experience made of pencil and charcoal.

Dmir Dzimirsky, the author of these pictures, was born in Rhede, Germany, in 1969. He was drawing in an self-taught way during all his life, but in 2005 he decided to dedicate professionally to it, working as illustrator, graphic designer and books author.

He is focused on highly detailed realistic (I would rather say hyperrealistic) drawings.

Dirk has an amazing technique, standing out his portraits, which are given almost real expression and life. The level of detail is almost photographic, getting a genial deep of field and treatment, even sometimes using a curious way of drawing, life blurry backgrounds compared to the main image, as we can appreciate in the hair of some drawings.

We can find his works in DevianArt as well, where you can find him as DDzim.

If you want to check out his personal site, you can click here.

You can take a look to his book “Lemonworld”, where is a collection of his masterpieces, by clicking here.


Images credits: Dmir Dzimirsky.

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