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Choosing a wallpaper for our iOS device is not easy. If you want something original out of the typical default funds, we have to find something that fits perfectly on the screen of the iPhone or iPod Touch, but has enough resolution not to lose definition on the Retina display. To try to help us in this task we Kuvva, an iOS application that brings hundreds of wallpapers high quality of the best graphic designers in the world.

Kuvva for iPhone from Kuvva on Vimeo.

When choosing a wallpaper for iOS many of us chose to use photographs taken with the device itself or the operating system default backgrounds. At the end of the day is the quickest and easiest solution, but it always ends up being somewhat monotonous and bored of the images. Kuvva, which is also available in OS X, brings to your iPhone, iPod Touch or Mac thousands of wallpapers.

Divided by authors and graphic designers of prestige, we see series of complete works or lists of most popular funds. Each author has a small personal site where you can see all your work and a link to their twitter and website. An interesting way for new design promises, becoming known in another medium. In the vision of funds, we have several interesting options like image add to favorites, send email / post, upload to Facebook and Twitter, see what would be on the home screen or lock and save.

Take a look and be inspired here with some awesome designs and illustrations!

batman bird huevo pelo


Images credits: Kuvva wallpapers.

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