Delicate Paper Bag Trees Created By Yuken Teruya

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The amount of material waste that we leave behind is getting bigger and bigger year by year, yet the world of consumerism doesn’t ever seem to react to this issue. Sometimes it falls upon artists to promote awareness of certain cultural, societal or communal problems, which is exactly what Yuken Teruya does with his delicate trees cut from used paper bags.

Teruya takes traditional paper gift bags and cuts little paper trees out from them. The result is an exquisite little tree, somewhat resembling traditionally minimalistic Japanese art, framed in the paper bag that it once was a part of. The delicate art makes an equally delicate statement about paper bags being used wastefully as luxury gifts or shopping bags. According to the artist, each tree has a model. They are the trees that the artist saw in his neighborhood or from where he has traveled.

The artwork of Yuken Teruya became extremely popular when he exhibited his series of McDonald’s paper bag trees last year. This time, we have Teruya’s new collection of works from the exhibition at Pippy Houldsworth held this autumn along with a few old, yet equally admirable favorites.

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