Mixing punk, vintage culture of the 30s, Victorian style & European barocco with Ciou

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Ciou, born in Toulouse in 1981, succeeded to gain a relevant place in the world of contemporary pop art and lowbrow at a very young age. Suspended between dream and nightmare, her paintings consist of a base made of a collage of old papers, taken from old medical books, dictionaries, and nature manuals, where she uses acrylic and ink, creating her own personal mixed media.

Her influences come from the American vintage culture from the 30s to the 70s, the Victorian style and the European barocco too, however she is focused on the Japanese culture and  Japanese traditional and contemporary art. Her style is  characterized by a line of great expressive force and a language where the power of color and deformation of shapes combine to make her stroke unmistakable . Ciou creates her  own “necro-kawai” cosmology of characters mainly centered around witchy nature, burlesque girls and their strange animal companions. Her new works feature florescent psychedelic colors as a foil for her obsessive black line work.

Her darkly charming works are creepy in a very playful way, a little bit of sweet and a little bit of sour in a friendly and dangerous world.

The exhibit that gave her international visibility was in 2004 at the Flux Factory gallery  in New York City  with the group show  “Cute and Scary” with confirmed lowbrow artists. From there she went on to show in Amsterdam  at the Kochxbos gallery, Paris, Barcelona, Brussels, California, Portland, Roma exhibited by the gallery Mondo Bizzarro, Berlin, Seattle with her fist solo show “Mysterious flowers” in USA at the gallery Roq La Rue in late 2010, and most recently in 2012 with her solo show “Necro Kawaï” at the Mondo Bizarro gallery in Roma.

You can see her personal blog, with pictures she take and information about her openings of exhibitions here. And if you want to see more of her work do not hesitate to visit her website here.


Photo credits: Cindy Frey. Illustration credits: Ciou.

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