Cinemagraphs… have you ever heard about them?

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Have you ever heard the term cinemagraph? It is a still photograph where a small and repetitive movement occurs.

The term “cinemagraph” was coined by the photographers Kevin Burg and Jamie Beck, who used this technique to animate their news and fashion pictures in 2011.

How to make it? Normally you’ll need a series of pictures or video recording and, using image editing software (normally Photoshop), compositing the photographs or the video frames into a seamless loop of sequential frames, often using the animated GIF file format in such a manner that motion in part of the subject between exposures (for example, a person’s hair moving with the wind) is perceived as a repeating or continued motion, in contrast with the stillness of the rest of the image.

Here you can find a tutorial of how to create your own cinemagraphs.

You can find below some examples of how does a cinemagraph look like:


You can see more examples in the cinemagraphs site of Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg by clicking here.


Images credits: Jamie Beck & Kevin Burg.

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