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¿Te atreves a soñar?

posted on December 20th 2012 in Animation & Illustration & Inspiration & Philosophy & Video with 0 Comments

<<…podría parecer miedo a lo desconocido, a perder lo que tienes… o peor, a perder lo que eres. Lo siguiente que tendrás que tener en cuenta es la “tensión emocional” y la “tensión creativa“. Operan como dos fuerzas opuestas: la primera tirará de tí hacia tu zona de confort, y la segunda te hará avanzar hacia el exterior. Para avanzar tendrás que conseguir que tu motivación salga victoriosa frente a tus miedos…>>.

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Pure action style animation

posted on December 18th 2012 in Animation & Video with 0 Comments

Since this week everybody’s talking about “the end of the world”, what better to watch this pure action style animation named “RUIN“, by Oddball Animation, where a ruined post-apocalyptic world is presented to us.

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“Reportero”: or how to survive in Mexico doing journalism about drug traffic

posted on October 14th 2012 in Documentary & Video with 0 Comments

Thanks to the collaboration between  Internazionale, weekly journal that publish the best articles of journalists all over the world and founded in 1993 and Palazzo delle Esposizioni I yesterday assisted to “Internazionale in Rome: documentaries about information, international actuality and human rights” hosted under the Journalism Festival of Ferrara.

What you’ll find above all in this documentaries festival is the risk: the risk of working as journalism or having information in countries with censorship or dominated by violence or corruption.

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“Baby I’m yours”: the perfect song to start a perfect day

posted on October 12th 2012 in Animation & Music & Video & Videoclip with 0 Comments

Breakbot (really named Thibaut Berland) is a French DJ and producer of electronic music.

In 2010 this video of his song “Baby I’m yours” (featuring Irfane) was one of the summer hits in MTV Pulse, France. It was also nominated in two categories by the UK Music Video Awards in October 2010: best performance in video pop/dance/urban and best animation video.

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