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On the occasion of the 20 years after the starting of the Yugoslav Wars there is a Bosnian Film Festival in Rome, where I’ve had the chance to see some of the most representative Bosnian films related to different topics. I write you here 2 of the recommendations:

  • Grbavica: The land of my dreams (2006, 90′), directed by Jasmila ŽbanićEsma wants that her daughter, Sara, 12 years old, will have the chance to participate in an organized trip with the school. It will just be necessary a certificate to prove that her father dead as martyr during the war to get a discount in the price, but Esma never tells about this certificate when Sara asks. She prefers to move earth and heaven to earn money and pay for the trip. She is fully convinced that is protecting her daughter and herself if she doesn’t tell the truth.
Thousand of muslim women were wildly tortured and raped during the ethnic cleansing organized by the Serbian leader Slobodan Milosevic. He’s dead, but it’s calculated that about 10.000 men are unpunished. Ten years here after the end of the war, the children from that rapes start to search for the truth. And their mothers start to talk. Ana Carbajosa – EL PAÍS / April 9, 2006
  • Kod amidze Idriza – Days and hours (2004, 94′) directed by Jasmila Žbanić. This is the story of a man who arrives to his uncle’s house to fix the water heater which is turned into restart their lives in two human hearts weighed down by the death of his son in the war. In Sarajevo, the third war of the century, mechanical engineering and human mix is the portrait of the life of two elderly almost motionless people at the center of Mahala, the typical Sarajevo neighborhood where everyone knows everything about everyone.

If you’re interested in some short movies, do not hesitate to take a look to Partecipation (2008, 3,5′) directed by Jasmila ŽbanićZgariste – The ruin (2009, 11,31′) directed by Amra Mehic, Miss Sarajevo (1995, 6′) directed by Maurice Linanne and Point of Mouth (2009, 10’40”) directed by Midhat Ajanović.


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