Robert Doisneau. Paris en liberté in Rome

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Robert Doisneau and Paris: the perfect couple that cannot be split if you’re talking about one of the most famous photographers of XX century.

More than 200 original photographies that Robert Doisneau took between 1934 and 1992 are exhibed at Palazzo delle Esposizione in Rome, Italy, from September 29, 2012 to January 3, 2013.

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SEE new perspectives: from Balkan photographers

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On Monday was the opening of the new exhibition SEE New Perspectives in Sarajevo, Bosnia.

The exhibition will stay at the National Gallery of Bosnia and Herzegovina until 1 November before continuing its tour to Belgrade, Serbia, in November and to Zagreb, Croatia, in January 2013.

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The Pinhole Experience

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I’ve just received a letter from a friend. Inside it I found a surprising gift: a picture we took when we were living in Iceland, at Reykjavík’s harbour, with a pinhole camera. That’s how I got to know this photography, and started to investigate how to make your own pinhole camera with common materials. Do you want to know what is the pinhole experience? And what about creating your own pinhole camera?

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Too young to wed, by VII. A project to protect girls’ rights

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I don’t know how children are made. But they get pregnant… They carry it inside their stomach. Then they deliver and it comes out a baby.

Jenahi, married at 6 years old. Yemen.

Protect girls’ rights. End child marriage.

If we do nothing, 142 million more girls will become child brides over the next 10 years.

The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) champions the fundamental human rights of men, women and children the world over. The first ever International Day of the Girl Child on 11 October 2012 provides an unique opportunity for the Fund to draw attention to the harmful practice of child marriage by collaborating with photo reporters who have documented the issue and its consequences throughout the world.

The Fund has partnered with photo agency VII on Too Young to Wed, a transmedia campaign that seeks to raise awareness of the issue and support girls who are already married.


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“Reportero”: or how to survive in Mexico doing journalism about drug traffic

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Thanks to the collaboration between  Internazionale, weekly journal that publish the best articles of journalists all over the world and founded in 1993 and Palazzo delle Esposizioni I yesterday assisted to “Internazionale in Rome: documentaries about information, international actuality and human rights” hosted under the Journalism Festival of Ferrara.

What you’ll find above all in this documentaries festival is the risk: the risk of working as journalism or having information in countries with censorship or dominated by violence or corruption.

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“Baby I’m yours”: the perfect song to start a perfect day

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Breakbot (really named Thibaut Berland) is a French DJ and producer of electronic music.

In 2010 this video of his song “Baby I’m yours” (featuring Irfane) was one of the summer hits in MTV Pulse, France. It was also nominated in two categories by the UK Music Video Awards in October 2010: best performance in video pop/dance/urban and best animation video.

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