Beertone: the beer’s Pantone

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A Pantone is an essential tool for any designer to explore how colours react to light and provides codes to use a tone in print and / or digital.

Across the board, two two beer tones are known: light and dark, but for the true lovers of this drink comes Beertone, a Pantone matching book containing the different colours that exist in the world of beer, and with which it is easier to distinguish between light and clear.

beertone-faecher-openWith a reference of 202 Swiss beers, a duo of advertisers, Daniel Alexander and Michelbach Eugster, have created Beertone, the first guide of beers tone that imitates the universally accepted colour system for all types of design.

beertone-guide-floatEach sheet of this Pantone matches here book, which is updated regularly, contains a data sheet of the corresponding beer, information such as: name of the beer, brewery that produces it, percentage of alcohol, the official website of the beer, its colour presented in formats used within the graphic design as CMYK, RGB and digital color code (used especially for web).

547579_557249764296746_1760267991_nbeertone1 beertoneBeertone is selling online with an English version, there are three different kits: the first one includes the catalog individually, the second comes with a glass gift and the third one includes a 1 litre jug.

You can purchase your Beertone on this link: beertone.me

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