Back to the future, by Irina Werning

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Having gone back in time over 300 times to recreate old photographs, Irina Werning has already garnered global attention at a very young age for her project entitled, Back to the Future.

(c) Irina Werning. From her Back to the Future winning series of images entered into the 2012 Sony World Photography Awards.

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Irina travelled to London to receive her MA in Photographic Journalism from Westminster University, where she received her certificate in 2006. That same year she went on to win a distinguished student grant from the Ian Parry Scholarship, as well as a grant from the Gordon Foundation.

An overachiever? Perhaps. But most evident of all, is her great passion for photography and an incredibly grounded attitude about the industry and her work. As many photographers, Irina strongly dislikes being in the spotlight and in fact is quite shy, however when she speaks about her work or is on a shoot, one would never assume this.

Above: Two diptych’s from Irina’s winning series entered into the 2012 Sony World Photography Awards

Click the play button below to listen to WorldPhotoOrg‘s interview with here Irina Werning:

Most recently Irina won the Portraiture category for the 2012 Sony World Photography Awards, with diptych portraits from her extensive body of work entitled Back to the Future, in which she recreates old photographs with the same people found in the original snapshots. Admittedly, this is not new idea, however the precision with which she executes these, recreating every element down to the smallest detail, is what won her the accolade.

Above: Cristina, 1997 and 2012, Disneyland Paris.

The work also caught the attention of the presenting sponsor of the award and together with the WPO, Sony Latin America have organised and embarked on a 5-country tour across South America, to shoot over 10 new ‘old moments’. Beginning with Santiago, Chile and Lima, Peru, we will then travel to Panama City, followed by Caracas, Venezuela and finally Bogota, Colombia, where WPO’s Creative Director, Astrid Merget will meet Irina at the last stop.

Above: Patrick B 1982 & 2011 Berlin.

Above: Cecile 1987 & 2010. France.


Images credits: Irina Werning.

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