A meteor “digs” and dies in the Northern Lights

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A beautiful picture taken on a beach in Canada is going around the world. It shows a bright meteor passing through an emerald sky due to the Northern Lights of the aurora borealis.

The author, photographer Shannon Bileski, image captured March 29 in Patricia Beach, near the city of Winnipeg (Canada). Bileski that was on the beach trying to witness and photograph the northern lights with other participants of a photography club and astronomy club.

The artist was using her camera all night, but at 11:10 pm, when other photographers were packing their equipments, the green light got intensified in the sky. Bileski, using his Nikon D800, was taking pictures. You can see her pictures on her flickr.

Suddenly, in one of the exposures of 8 seconds, there was an intense beam of light in the sky and bright green flashes. It was a meteor that entered the atmosphere, and Bileski managed to capture the whole event.

Patricia Beach is quite famous among fans of Northern Lights, whose reverberas be seen in the surface of Lake Winnipeg.


Image credits: © Signature Exposures 2013, All rights reserved.

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